Anyone having experience with Mikuni carbs, f.ex. TMX27 (instead of using PHB2[H] ?

Mean PHB28 …


Mikuni TMX 27 or 30 are smother then dell’orto same size and more responsive. But… they are bigger. If you install it for ex with a malossi reed, even though the manifold diam. it compatible, you need to buy a metal manifold (SIP makes one) and a rubber manifold. At that point you have to use an inclination if not with the shok movement the carb will hit the chassis.
If you are ready to overcome this little installation problems (for someone will be inaccettable) then buy with confidence, they are very good carb.

If you want an alternative to dell’orto and want small get a Keihin PWK 28. They are very small very short and works extremelly well.
Recently a saw in SIP catalogue a KOSO replica. Should be the same for less money…