tire warmers

hi im looking for tire warmers for racing does any one make some for a 350*10 tires or some close that will work?

mike taylor USA
pist-n-broke racing
M.A.S.S # 667

Hey, I live in LA. Check out www.ScootersBellissimo.com. or contact [email protected]. We organize a ride every other week.

vespa haus is a really good tuning shop www.vespaparts.com i live in the mid west no shops around here but our race club is mid american scooter sport .the one in cali. is a.s.r.a. there is a link from vespa haus check it out .


im not sure about tire warmers, but what part of the US are you from. Im a new scooterist over in LA and I havent found any well stocked shops or anyone who really knows what their talkin about. Do you know anyone out in the LA area?