Timming of vespatronic for 210 malossi W5

I don't know to set the timming of vespatronic, because i don't understand this line in catalogue

"Timing adjusts automatically, with a pre programmed curve of up to 8 degrees"

I use 210 malossi and mikuni 30 with main jet 140 

hi are you using reed or manifold with your 30mm mikuni carb?

Hi! I'm using Vforce 3 Tassinari reedvalve and mikuni 30 powerjet


hi i found this review which i think answers your questions on vespatronic timing. cheers!

The big advantage of the Vespatronic is the variable timing curve. With increasing revs the ignition is being more retarded - nearer to the top dead centre of the piston. That way you are able to run the engine and its ignition setting more advanced in the lower rev range, without the risk of overheating in the upper rev range.
The timing is retarded up to 8° (eg: idle running 20° btd - 2.000 rpm 23° btd - 5.000 rpm 21° btd - 8000 rpm 15° btd). Detailled info you will find on the data sheet.
The principle was successfully tested with the Variotronic for Lambrettas as well for daily commuting as well as on the dyno. With Scootering issue December 2004 you will find a test of a TS 1 engine which gained 1 bhp over the complete rev range over its counterpart with fixed timings.
The weight of the flywheel is with 1kg comparable to the HP4 flywheel. With the reduced flywheel weight you can expect the engine to rev faster to a higher level.

good post i was having trouble too