PX 125
Pinasco 177
24mm sl dell

Went to adjust my timing as the scoot has been sluggish since new kit and carb went on. Put the strobe on and the marks on the flywheel and cover were lining up at almost the ‚A‘ mark. Took the flywheel off and the stator plate position was well past the 'IT mark. I repositioned the stator on ‚IT‘ and when I put the strobe onto the flywheel it’s mark was much closer to ‚IT‘ as indicated on the flwheel cover, probably a couple of mm away. Started up and what a difference, performance greatly improved. I’m concerned that I’m not sure whether the timing is at 18 or closer to 20. 18 on stator but registers advance of 18 on flywheel cover. Is the correct position the one indicated on the flwheel cover or the one on the stator plate?



when the timing was on the A side you should have experienced flat high rpm performance, like something was blocking the engine capability to rev high.

The correct position is the one indicated on the flywheel cover.

The timing is something you get right by feeling and not by number. Number gives you an indicatication, then the feeling make it right.
If youz feel your engine is running better it can’t run worse.

For me the right timing is the timing less advanced you can get without loosing perf.

I don’t know if this can help.


I think I understand. The performance is really a lot better, I think it could be improved more so I will keep adjusting.
Thanks for the advice again.