Timing settings for Augusto electronic control system (Vespa Mallossi 210)

Just purchased one of those new magic boxes for the vespa. The set up is a mallossi 210, race crank, 28mm Dellorto carb. HP4 light flywheel.

Now reading the instructions, as you do! It says to strobe with the original system in place. I did this to be very surprised to find the mark was well out (Retarded). I cant belive that this engine hasnt had major problems. I have just reduced the carb from 30mm Dellorto. Anyway even with the stator turned clockwise as far as possible it still dosent make the factory setting.

My question is why is this so out, and should I just elongate the stator get the correct setting then adjust with the new Augusto 6000 in line.


Timing may be out if the crank keyway is machined slightly off standard or more likely if the HP4 had its new PX keyway cut in the wrong place -  for what its worth I hate HP4's with a passion , they are so unpredictable and inconsistent its right pain in the danglers.

The timing should have been set to 17 - 18 degrees with the Malossi kit before you put your Agusto on.

What sort of readings did you get and what did it say when strobed with the stator line and casing line matched up?