Timing marks

Hi , just a quick one. I have just done a malossi 166 on a new PX125E, and it says to leave the timing on standard degrees which is 16’ but in my haste I did not notice if the stater plate was on IT or A, before I took it a part. Many thanks Mark

All 125's and 150's use the IT mark for ignition timing. The "A" is for the 200's.

Thanks folks, I normaly put on a small chisel mark on of my own but forgot this time. Thanks again for the help. Mark



the 166 Malossi needs 19 BCTD


take a ignition lamp and do it right.



Due to the manufacturing operation of the vespa’s they create both stators for PX125-150 and PX200 on the same line. ‚A‘ is 23 BTDC which is used on the PX200 (stock). ‚IT‘ is 18 BTDC used for 125-150s and also kitted 200s (i.e. Malossis’ etc).