timing marks?

If on my P2 disc the standard timing mark is set at A ( 23")on the statorplate, if i set it to I.T. is this now set at (18") for a malossi 210 kit?. And what about putting on a HP4 flywheel, are they good or just a pain in the backside


best for you malossi are 17 degrees.

Use a strobolight to make it right!!!!

For a daily driver use a flywheel of the px 200 elestart and pull the teeth ring off (lower weight).



By teeth , he means the starter ring gear that is a press fit around the edge of the electric start flywheel - its pressed on so can be punched off but be careful not to damage the flywheel itself . Saying that its a fairly tough bit of kit and you need to be pretty clumsy to cause any damage.

hi is 17 degrees perfect for malossi 210 kit? and what do you mean remove the teeth to lower the weigth? which teeth? cheers


yes IT is 18° but you can have + - 2° so after you have to strobo it if you want to be as correct as possible. HP4 are fun. Nervous feeling. I don't like for everyday but for a run everynow and then. The plastic fins break easily so if you buy an HP4 get spare fin too


ah alright but will you be able to reverse it back to original if in case you want your starter back? cheers!