Time to improve performance!

Hi Everybody !

During this winter time I am going to do some engine performance improvement.

So, I do not like to invent the powder again.  That is why I would like to know what have you done your engines to get some +25hp power.

The basic engine in my scooter is 200 cc from lusso (???) some 70`s model.

 What I have planed to do with it is: - cylinder kit, - racecrank, -carburatorkit, -lightweight flywheel, -perf.tail pipe, - new clutch, -5-speed gearbox.

What I do like to know is what parts are fit together to get the most runnability scooter ?

I hope that you can make some recommendings !!!




Hi Hanno

Sorry it take so long time to identify the engine.

It is P200E -79.

So is it better with full circel crankshaft ?


Hi there,

Do you have some information for us which engine it is exactly, because
in the beginning of the 70´s exists no PX engine. Could be also a rally
engine if before 79/78.

(It is important to know that)

Ciao Hanno