Tighting steering

Hi can you tell me the right way to tighten the steering i might have them to tight the scooter seems to be a bit unstable at low speed wanders over the road a bit tyres are ok and the wheel bearings are ok just put the steering back together i think i have done it up to tight thanks Gary[:smokin:] [:dance1:] [:drink:]

Usally I do it up tight,then back off till it ‚feels‘ right Put the scoot stand on blocks so that the front wheel is off the floor,then move slowly and see if you can feel its smooth,if its feels lumpy,itwill be the steering race,don’t just change the bearing change the race in the frame and the nut that goes on top of the bearing,its sold as a kit. as these get small dents/wear/pitts which stop a smooth turn(doing the nuts up to tight, do this as well)exterme case, do the bottom as well [:)]

how tight do you do the lock nut on top of the adjuster nut thanks