Tight crank on motor rebuild

I am in the process of rebuilding my motor. I got the main engine block assembled (w/o cylinder, piston, or carb). When I turn the crank by hand it feels really tight - like there is too much pressure on each side of it. Could it be the engine case bolts are too tight? I torqued the engine bolts to 5 ft/lbs, is this right? Or is the crank supposed to feel tight? Any help at all will be much appreciated.

Thank you

This usually means that the main bearings haven’t been pushed home all the way. What type of bike is it? an older one probably? Try heating up the cases first. It’s not over tightening of the bolts but you will notice it when you tighten then up.

Hey Jesse-
I have had this exact same problem. Check to make sure the bearings are installed correctly. The next thing you want to do is check is crankcase surface. It must be free from pitting and uneven crud. if sanding is necessary, make sure you remove the bearings first. If you try this, or your engine is immaculately clean already, then it means that the crankshaft is warped and you need to get another one. I know this sucks, believe me. A warped crank will roll through a few degrees and then just grab the wall of the crankcase. This usually occurs if you’ve had to install the crank several times and maybe you’ve knocked around a bit.
Good Luck,
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