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I asked You:

"I have got a problem. I can't pay for order one more time because my first amont was blocked by You. You have to refuse first amount (€138,63 EUR) or bank cannot back money to me without Your refusal.
Tanks! Waiting for Your offers."


Your answer is:

"I just checked with paypal, there is no reservation any more.

Please give us the ok for the current transaktion, it should work.

We hope that we could give you an answer to your satisfaction."


I do not know, where you looked and how. But my money is still blocked. I have made screen shot pages of transaction through Paypal. Look please once again.



Name: Pavel
E-Mail: [email protected]
Kundennummer: 15595400
Betreff: Bestellung
Roller: GILERA Runner VXR, 200 ccm 4T LC




Ok. This method of negotiations I've already known.

I will think what to do with my order further...

You have send to me reminder of payment for my order. But I don't understand why amount of this more than first amount.(!)

And I want to change my order, but I don't know even a number of my order. What I have to do?

Hi dude


Ok, now i understand.

The payment was cancelled now.  Please retry and let me know.




I´ve deleted the paypal transaction detals picture for your security.

Please do never give this informations in the bulletin board. Write us an email or call us.







I really want to resolve this problem as fast as possible.

Oh. I want to ask You: What Your e-mail address I have to send my questions if would be some problems with orders or other in future?

Thanks for paypal.



Please go in our webshop and click on contakt, then the system will bring you automaticly to the email formular.


Here´s the link: