Thumb Throttle?

My wrist seems to have a nasty habit of jumping out of joint when I try to use a twist grip, Wich ATVs make good doners for a thumb throttle for a Vespa PX? Are there any aftermarket kits specifically for the Vespa?

I’d prefer a conversion that doesn’t involve cutting out large chunks of the right side of the headcast.

Hi Adrian, I saw a story featuring you in Scootering a couple of issues ago.

In my original plans(before It became apparent that a twist throttle was a no go for me) I had wanted to have the handle bar covers engraved & plated but from the pictures I’ve seen some thumb throttle conversions do away with the right side handle bar cover, I’d like to do a conversion where atleast the upper part of this could be retained.

My Vespa will be mostly for commuting & touring, it will have a Pinasco/Mazzochelli 225cc set up with either original carb or a 26mil if I can use this & still retain autolube, If I get hold of Pitone it’ll have that, if not it’ll run a Sito Plus.

I’d toyed with the idea of a foot opertated throttle since there is a reasonable amount of floor space to play with, any reasons why this mightn’t be a good idea?

Hi eric, i have done the research and can tell you of several thumb throttle units from quads, you will need a 7/8’s (22mm) throttle tube (polini,sip etc) for a quick action throttle, a longer cable, the throttle unit and new grips. you can do it and leave the headset standard with drum brakes or use a grimeca semi hydraulic cylinder if you want. email me to go into detail. Ade.

hi eric, you can fit you a throttle unit to a standard headset, i only altered mine cos i put a full hydraulic disc on it, you need a quick action throttle tube which is fixed in place (sip or polini etc or i can make you an alloy one) and a longer throttle cable and new grips. the thing with the foot throttle is that it would be classed as a special modification as it would be made to suit ,but the throttle units i use are not classed as special equipment cos they are off the shelf quad parts so they don’t affect your licence/insurance as much and they are easier to adapt to than learning to use a foot throttle.

you will look to pay between £30 and £200 for a throttle unit, the ones i have found the best are from a 1984 yamaha 200 quad and are £50 and are still available, modern ones often have the switchgear and starter button etc incorporated hence the £150-£200 price, honda are the most expensive.

I’ll have to look into Australian Laws & Insurance, by the sounds of it the only hassle with a foot throttle is legal & red tape but this might not be as much a hassle here…

If not I’ll probably go for the Yamaha 200 a 22mm tube.