Thrust plate clutch Art.No. 50051000



I am thinking of installing a pk thrust plate (the one with bearing: Art.No.50051000) on a primavera.

I have read that some people had problem with it because it is higher than the standard primavera thrust plate (Art.No.88200000) and both parts were in contact all the time, so turning all the time.

Some says that had to file the push rod. It is true? Others says that the pk clutch cover is needed. Please let me know your experience and advice.




I have gone the same way with my Primavera engine: PK clutch (e.g. the 6 spring loaded clutch) and PK thurst plate.

I can confirm that the gap between the PK thrust plate and the push road is basically none. BUT the PK thrust plate is with bearing so its rotation does not induce any rotation on the push rod

I am not sure whether it works with the Primavera clutch cover (e.g., the one with short lever for the clutch cable) . I am using a 1981 Vespa special clutch cover (e.g. with long arm and , which is same as pk clutch cover 

Thank you very much!!!! I have ordered this SIP one. I will tell you how it works. Thanks.


Consider also, especially if you do not intend to change to the PK clutch, that SIP produces a thurst plate (article nr. 50050000) that fits all vespa models