Throttle floods engine

Alright all?!
Just got myself a pk 50, 1st scoot. I can get engine to tickover using, throttle adjuster & pilot jet adjuster but every time i give it any throttle it dies (floods i assume). Can anyone help?[:(]

novista: As vespadoctor says, make sure it is all there to start with (carb & filter and manifold is firmly attached at both ends).

Then make sure petrol is getting through to the carb and cylinder without problem: make sure you have good flow of clean petrol to the carburetor. it sounds like you should first clean out the carb before looking into other possibilities: Don’t worry, It’s easy un-hook your cables and undo the clamp, take it outand disemble it. make sire the float and float needle are in good condition and move frely, that it is not full of dirt (a little bit of dirt in the carb can cause big problems)…take the brass jets out and make sure they are clean (b*** with high-pressure line or carb cleaner, clean the filter, re-assemble and try again…come back here and ask more if that doesn’t do the trick
Also make sure our basic electrics are in order…HT lead and cap, no lose wiring, new plug

this may sound stupid but has it got an air filter or is the front of the carb open.had same problem on mates pk,fitted air filter luvly jubbly ran ace

alright novista,what size is the main jet?.you really need to blast the jets through with compressed air for a couple o minutes each,or at least a coktail stick shoved up is the worst one to get in um.they melt onto the wall of the jet and are a b*****d to shift.keep us posted

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Alright all!
Got the same advice from a mate, so i’ve cleaned it out but not with air pressure, carb cleaner an blew hard (maybe i should use air pressure tin!) floats got plenty of play. Now i’ve got problems re-fitting the choke (where it mounts the chassis, rather then the fuel tank end, it’s to tight), ah the joy of it. Gonna have a look at the inlet manifold next an check the gasket.
Everythings there apart from the manifold mounting (rubber?).
This is to keep me going until i can find a primavera engine.
p.s. as i hadn’t got any replys for a while, i thought the thread had gone dead.
pps. Air filters there (clean it? Can i do that with the pre mix?), also i don’t think theres any probs with the electrics?). MOT & and insurance ticking away.