Thieving Scum

Hi everyone . Some bad news to report. A friend of mine had his spray shop broken into on Sunday and 7 scooters were stolen. There was:
A full custom GP TS1 „can’t explain“ (The Who)
A 350lc Rosa (number 2)
3 LI 150
A Italian GP
An SX200
A J range 50.
I will post as many frame and engine numbers as possible tomorrow.
Its unlikely you will ever see them but its possible they will go abroad. So if your offered anything and its suspect please email. My club is part German and we are linked with the Armed Forces SC so visits in Europe are no problem.
Thanks lads

Doubt they’ll be smack rats VM,that sound’s like a pro job.Knew what they were looking for and where.[:@] Should explain I’ve already seen this on another forum where Diablo wnt into slightly more depth.

Smack rats…thats what we call em round our way…Ebay would be the first place to keep a look out…?

BASTARDS… the lot of em…[:angry:]

I like the sound of that vespamalossi! I would have skinned the soles of his feet first though. I think these bikes wont surface for a good while then be blasted and ringed. The who bike was indian so a dyslexic child could do it.

Let’s hope someone catches them and they are dealt scooterboy justice,thieving cunts.[:@]

Thats the name given to every piece of scum round here mate…;D
A mate of mine caught someone trying his shed door so he tied him up and kept him in the shed for 3 days…‚he wanted to be in…so i put him in‘…my mates words.