The WideTire Strikes Back

Hey Colleagues,
anyone knows the specific modifications that it requires when mounting a wide tire kit on a smallframe. I already posted some questions about this topic and Im sorry for being so bigheaded on this but I need to know what to do with the kit when I get it home cause Im not thinking bout sending it to SIP unless it`ll be strictly necessary. Wanna try to do it myself, U understand, ah?
Thx U very much and C U soon! [:’(]


I agree with marcus…
„I summon all power and knowledge of SIP gurus!“


OK, then.

  1. Cut 10mm of the travers or tilted on the flywheel side (right side).
  2. Fit the spacer ring on the left side of the tilted.
  3. Displace to the right the hole of the shockabsorber (make a new hole).
  4. Fit the rim ring between the rim and the drum.
  5. Pray and cross your fingers for the exhaust to not to touch anything.
    Is that right?
    THX Norbert!

Marcus [?[]