The special rim? ( front )

Hi all.
Okay you put a big fat tyre and a y2k sip rim set on the back end. Then you have to put ‚‘ the special rim " on the front with a slightly larger tyre to compensate.
My questions are ; What is the f##king " special rim"? Is it the Y2k rim set? and if so why isn’t it called the Y2k rim?.
Confused and angry of Bangkok.

no its not the y2k rim its a rim that is the wide half from a px and the narrow part from the cosa witch makes it slightly wider the part no. 81040
it is on page 14 of the catalogue and is item 11

Hi Dan,
Thanks alot mate. Any advice on a suitable front tyre size?

Ive usd a 100/90 10 or you can use a 100/80 10 which is a lower profile