The engineis running full of fuel if I forget to close the fuel tap

I have  a 180SS, 1965.

It is running full of fuel. According to SIP, there is no replacement carb. 

Can I get a new floater?




Why don't you try to replace the float chamber's valve needle first?


Hello prang,

I´m sorry there are no original parts available anymore.

In the future we`ve got an special manifold instock:

There you can use for example the Polini CP carburator.


Kind regards

Mario SIP

Since the carb float lid is no longer available, you should try replacing the needle. If that doesn't work you could try polishing the brass needle seat using brass polish and a q-tip as in this video


I think this is actually the correct manifold part to accept a Polini CP Carb.

Part # 17980610

Has anyone done this conversion on a 180SS? Does the carb fit behind the cowl?

Can you provide pictures, and jetting specs, etc?