The End of Engine

Hello my engine of vespa is dead :(

I have in my garege engin from PX 150 and  I planning rebuild this engine.
I thinking about racing longstroke crank (mazzucchelli), racing kits polinii 177, carb with autolube SI 24/24, gear orginal cosa I 125 or px 125 or px150 with change 23/64 malossi, cluth 6 spring 4plate malossi, exhaust sito plus or leovinci

What you thing about my conception
For all good think I verry thank you!



if you use mazzuccheli race longstroke, use it with 2,5mm head gasket and don't open the cranckcase inlet port (lenght).

forget about 23 64 malossi gearing is way too long for any kind of use.

Use cosa clutch and go at the shortest 21 68, better 22 68 (SIP sells 22 teeth cosa sproket) or change the christmas three with a PX200 and go 22 65 for the longest choice.

If you ever going to use an expansion exhaust with the Polini and longstroke choose either the scorpion or a Taffspeed.

…1,5mm head gasket. Sorry i have written too fast. Tanks to have notice it so it will avoid further misunderstanding.

Thanks Curare!

I think about gasket from sip shop this gasket dedycation for polinii racing kits but i think it's gasket behind enginecase and cylinder. :(

Sorry Curare I don't understatand in first post You writte 2.5 mm head gasket in last post you writte 1.5 mm head gasket



this is a base gasket, I prefer to run the polini 177 longstroke with a 1,5mm head gasket no with a base gasket.