The doc is back

hello boys, missed me??? didnt think so. in august i begin working for revival scooters melksham as their vespa mechanic so come and spend loads of money!!! you know when youve been doctored. hope the back is on the mend beerace you old tart,i’ll ring you soon

AW, FUCK!! Well done, Doc, and welcome back, yes you were missed, but not a heck of a lot! Why didnt you drop down over the Exmouth w/e? Visitors are allowed now? Say hello to PIGGY for me and youll be seeing me sometime in the not too distant future, Ive got to get the three SS90’s jigged up at Revival. Give me a ring sometime, maybe to your advantage. Cheers. S.

Good luck Doc, I like Kim & Bob at Revival so will see you there. Ade.

Doc, have a reply to aintgotaclue, on pk50xl.