Terminal Speed

I,m about to fit a Mallossi 172 kit to my T5 and am looking for higher terminal speed rather than acceleration, whats the best way to achieve this?? Am i better spending money on an up-rated clutch or a bigger carb or a performance pipe seeing as i have just fitted a brand new standard 24mil carb.[H] [:dance2:] [:dance1:]

Hi Malisson,

First of all, with the kit youll need a matching cylinder head.(standard does fit but it will give you a too high compression, watch out for detonation....) and youll have to correct the ignition timing (standard is 16° BTDC i think kit is 14° BTDC)

The Malossi kit can give you 2 things:

  • 172 cc means much more torque than the standard T5.
  • Better ports and timing means more power but at a higher reving.

If you want high terminal speed with standard carb and exhaust, choose to upgrade your primary drive (21-68 cosa clutch or polini kit 23-64). The torque of the kit, with the standard exhaust, should deal with a longer gear ratio at low revs. Also you could change your rear tyre for a bigger one (100-90-10 with 2 large rims)

The medium deal for you could be, 172 kit + longer gear ratio + sito plus exhaust (not sito) + rear tyre. The Sitoplus don`t cost a lot and do a great job and they last enough for their price (125km/h with standard cylinder and carb on my T5 with sitoplus, now riding T5 with PM exhaust + 28PHBH a mess at low revs but 8500rpm means speed).

The highest, with rotary induction, could be 28PHBH (to my opinion 30 is too big) + 23-64 primary + SIP exhaust (a real good exhaust) and wide tyre (120-90-10) + light fly wheel, but sure this means money.
A friend of mine got the same engine as above and a reach easely 135 km/h (he`s 1,92m tall and weight more than 100kg, think of the power the engine as to produce).

Little Bab [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

Hi Little Bab, thanks for the advice, i was going to buy a cosa clutch with the kit but now i think i should have i have already fitted a sito plus so should gain good max speed with the improved gearing. THANKS AGAIN, Michael Allison K&BSC [:dance3:]