Tell me is this a PK125E

If someone could help positively identify what my vespa is, that would be apprecaited. This model did not come to Australia.


Original von leif: I saw one hotter PK in motocyclisimo in the 80th, it was called ET3, I think it looked like that, but I am not sure.. Leif [:dance1:] [:dance1:]

No Leif,this is a ET3.

This is an ETS.


Thanks for the insight. It is appreciated.

So what would I call it then - a PK125 FL Automatica?

Would it be possible that someone has taken a PK50 and put a bigger sleeve and piston on the motor?

Other than SIP, where would be a good place to start looking for parts in Italy? Do Piaggo carry old stockholdings of spares? Is there another supplier I could approach who has an interest in Automatica’s?

As you can imagine, information has been almost impossible to come by in Melbourne. This thread has been very enlightening to me so far, thank you.

Original von Tony_SIP: hi paul ... i´m sorry i cant open the picture of your scooter

could you post it once more ?

I have attached another picture below. Can you read it?

I thought that it was the Primavera that was called ET3…?

Its pk 125 corsa automatica from indonesia lic piaggio to PT. DANMOTORS Indonesia 

this bike have a Ghilardoni chromed aluminium cylinder and no other cylinder can fit on it also have red valve induction.

hi paul …
i´m sorry i cant open the picture of your scooter

could you post it once more ?

PK125XL plurimatic Elestart? Is it an auto? Can’t see a foot brake pedal.

that’s the nearest thing I can find to the numbers given VVM1T being the chassis code for that.



Definatley an Automatica/Pluromatic going by the flywheel cover.VERY hard to get parts for,ride it with care.

Yes, it’s definitely an automatica. The model should be the fl but this model has never been sold in he auto configuration here in Italy. The last model auto produced and sold was the Pk Xl automatica that was sold almost exclusively in the 50 cc version. It’s really difficult to find spare sparts or tuning kits. I can only add that the seat is different from the fl 4 speed version.
Good luck!

These details might help. I haven’t been able to get some solid anwsers out of any web resources yet.

Engine number is VVM1M 23276.

Chassis number is VVR1T302735.

Note: It does look very much like a PK50XL, but will do 80+ km/h (indicated) as an absolute top speed. (Pretty scary at that pace, I might add.

Another photo is attached.

Apparently it was imported from Italy.

Wasn’t that model called ET3?

Personally I wouldn’t say Pk but only Fl 125 Automatica. The automatica was produced both in the 50 cc and in the 125 version. I don’t think someone putted a bigger piston on your Vespa. If I well remember only Pinasco produced a kit but has never been sold in big quantities. While it was reliable as other Vespas has never gained confidence on the market and so it’s really difficult to see one. Only Piaggio has spare parts but as it is an old model it’s also probable that you’ll have troubles in finding spare parts.
I hope this helps but don’t hesitate to ask. If there’s something I know I’ll tell you.
Again Good luck!

yes is a corsa 125 automatic (pk 125xl automatic ) sold in indonesia  i have three of them and a lot of spare part. I can help you to find allmost any spare part.....

Thanks guys. Definitely an auto, and has both an electric and kick start.

One part I am seeking is the outer pulley for the variator. Another is a rear luggage rack.

I have had no luck with serial number pages, either. My guess is that this was part of a small production run which Piaggio did after the Cosa as withdrawn from the market, but was delivered prior to the ET2/4’s being release. To me, I figure it must be the last of the two strokes.

If anyone can help me, with further info on what the bike is, or where to purchase parts (I have an order with SIP in progress, but could not see the oustanding item I seek on their website) that would be very much appreciated.


JuanK, it was the ETS I had in mind.

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I saw one hotter PK in motocyclisimo in the 80th, it was called ET3, I think it looked like that, but I am not sure…
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That Norrie Kerr was a good lookin’ fella!


Yes, it is a PK (small-frame).
But I’m not able to tell what engine You got from the pictures…


Nice scoot!