Technical question for the experts, I need help

What can happen if I put wheels 2.5 inches wide on my px, which is standard steel rim 2.10 inches. Vary somewhat?, I enter?

Thank you very much for everything.

Greetings from Spain.

First thanks for responding so quickly.
Then I recommend better to put aluminum wheels 2.10 which is what I have instead of standard aluminum wheels schwalbe 2.5 mi tire is wheatherman white band. I thought the rim of 2.5 to put in the future when I spend the schwalbe in change by 100/90 are a little more broad. It would have problems shifting or irregular wear?

Hi victor

 i have just asked the same question about putting wider tyres on the smaller rim to my local tyre dealer and he passed the question on to continental tyres themselves and they say that it can deform the turning paten of the tyre giving it beavertail problems when you corner and bad effect to the wear and life of the tyre not to mention the safety factor of this 

Regards Clayton