Technical advise on pinging noise


  • hi there


im currently using malossi straight gear 24/63 which i purchased from sip and 34teeth 4th gear on my px150. ive experience pinging noise at high speed on 4th gear coming from my engine in particular my block. what could be the cause? does these gearing have an effect on my engine? 

going on, after a few seconds upon hearing the pinging noise, my bike suddenly slows down by itsef. the more i throttle, the more pulling of the slowing down effect i get. after which i have to slowly throttle up again and when it goes fast, pinging noise starts again and the same thing happen.

i didnt manage to get my bike atr full throttle ever since. 

here are the parts im using in my px150:


  • rz mark 1 exhaust
  • pinasco crankshaft
  • pinasco alloy block with central spark plug
  • 26/26 carb
  • 140 fuel jet
  • 36teeth 3rd gear
  • 34teeth 4th gear
  • 24/63 straight gear malossi
any comment/advise will be a great help. 



I was wondering if you can educate me a little bit on the timings. How do i go about to on tuning the timing?




where do you come from?


In some countries they sell fuel with only 86-88 Octan.


Take care that you use super fuel with best up to 100 Octane . And check your ignition timing - check it with a timing light on 18 degrees! 


If high octane fuel is not available - use the octanebooster that we offer...


May your piston has now stucked a little bit in the cylinder ---check your cylinder tube on damage and mount new piston rings.



hi im from singapore.

i did mounted a new piston. sure now will include the octane booster and the timings. i will give you the review again.