Tarnished nikasil

I've had a Pinasco 215 kit sitting in my garage on a shelf for about 7 years with the outer packaging removed but still in the polysyrene casings, I brought it up into the house & looked over it & the lining of the barrel is going brown in patches, will this be a major issue if I use the cylinder? Is there a way to clean the tarnish off? Or will it need recoating?

its a tiny bit of oxidation, still servicable, use a t-cut and polish to remove the oxidation. Dont use sand paper. Looks like someone has had a little go with some already, cross hatching isnt quiet like it should be but hey, if the barrel is within limits go for it.

I suppose someone has used a scotchbrite, may be to remove the same oxidation. I doubt it will have any consequence, but hey, you never can tell. Run a finger nail down the barrel, if you can feel the effect then you may have an issue. But i reckon itll flatten out okay.

Looks like somenes chamfered the ports for you too. Bonus!


I wouldnt put too much effort in removing the oxidation, a couple of revs should clean it off





Yeah, not sure what's with that scoring on the bore, that's the way it came when it was bought new in 2004, I assumed that was some kind of manufacturing mark, I just hope it doesn't have any negative effect.