tank cap rally...

hi guys

i have almost complete the renovation of a rally 180, for which i bought from you a tank (article #52500480)

still, i can't find anywhere the tank cap that goes with it !!! ???

i believe it should be longer and of a different shape than the one for GTRs and similar, right?

like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aurom/4595403483/sizes/z/in/set-72157624033453128/


could one of you let me know the article number?

thanks in advance...

Hi !


Unfortunatley this tank cap is out of production.

But we´re planing to reproduce it.


An exact delivery date is actually unknown.





Hi !


I guess not.


Better to look for a used one.

PS: I talked to the purchase dept. the tank cap should be avalible in round about 2 months.




not good news...


could i use any other tank cap in the meanwhile? suggestions?