Taking stickers off

Hi all,

What’s the best and easiest way of getting old stickers and remains of stickers off bodywork?

I don’t want to pull the sticker off to find that I’ve left half of it still on the paint, any suggestions?


nice one, thanks for that, i’ll try the hair dryer route.

i’ve tried doing it by hand and i just get crusty bits left stuck on… balls.


Thank you all for your help!


It may be worth using a hairdryer to melt the glue on the back of the sticker first, might just make it a bit easier.


Use wd40 to clean off any excess glue/sticker, just spray, leave it to soak in a minute then use a clean cloth to gently wipe off.

I always found a boiled kettle of water , cooled down just a wee bit , poured over the stickers makes them peel off very easily.

Ive done this a few times. It is all about patience. Peel down from the top left if your right handed, vice versa for leftyees.

Very gently pull across itself so top left to bottom right, only pulling at little edges, ie one way first for a few ml then the other direction. If the sticker is new then it may not break easily, older stickers will so you need to go easier.

Once you have pulled off the sticker the little bits that are left can be started using the back of the sticker you just pulled off.

Hope this helps.