Taking scorpion to bits

Has any one had any problem with the baffles on a scorpion pipe my pipe has started to rattle if you look down the pipe you can see the weld on the baffles has broken got to drill out the rivets the get some one too reweld it for me another job now never bloody stops ha ha part of the fun of oweing a scooter Gary

Hi i drilled out the rivets and got baffles welded i put new stainless rivets back pipe back on scooter monday night happy again ps second scorpion i have had first one was a early one the weld broke on the bracket they replaced it under garentee.

I wouldn’t use self tappers that close to the tyre in case vibration makes them come loose, I drill & tap mine and use stainless button head, or allen head screws. Whatever you use get some threadlock to help the screws stay in.

Could i screw the pipe back together in steed of riveting it with self tapping screws

ok might try that thanks