Taking practical driving test using only PX125

Hi All,

If I go for my practical test on my PX125 and pass I will only be entitled to drive a 125cc bike and no more.

If I take my test on a T5 and pass I would be aloud to drive a 125cc bike and upwards eg PX200.

problem is I don’t own a T5 and I cant take my test on a 200 and I refuse to drive anything but a scooter to take my test on as it’s all Iv’e ever driven.

Someone told me to turn up at the test centre with my PX125 but just stick a T5 badge on it and pretend it’s a T5.

Has anyone done this and do they think it would work?

let me know please,



Yeah, it has a polini in it so will reach 62mph.


Although you have rebadged, unless your px is kitted it wont attain the minimun speed required, dependant on test route. You would be better going to scooter friendly school and borrowing a T5, there are many around the UK. Or borrow a T5?