Taffspeed Wide rims

Hi all,
On ebay.uk Taffspeed are selling chrome wide rims for about 25 quid. Sounds good. Does anybody know if engine modifications are needed ,ie. like the sip ones? and do they include all the nuts ,bolts and spacers/ring etc.
I’ve emailed an enquiry ,but so far no answer!
Cheers Grimesy

Thanks Sean , I won’t bother with ebay , all though, the advert was from Taffspeed, and I’ve always had great service from them, from tuned cases to spare cables and telephone advice.

They just haven’t replied my to my email! boo hoo, sob sob

Cheers grimesy.

you will have to buy all fixings from taffspeed or sip all you get is arim watch out for shops selling gear on ebay you get no guarentee on parts hope this helps