Taffspeed pipe on t5

Hi has any one used aTaffspeed pipe on a kitted T5 as i am thinking of buying one and would like to know if they are any good . Thanks Gary

My PX200 with a malossi and a Sip pipe pulls 4th gear fine all the way up to 85mph (thats my guess as its off the clock), when I hit 65mph in 4th I can feel the power band kick in, which is really great for overtaking on the motorway, as im cruising along at 65-70mph. When I had the Simonini pipe on it was a lot slower going from 60-70, with the Sip its not a problem.

I know some one with sip pipe on kitted p 200 same problem as i said in my last post Thanks Gary

forget the taffspeed and go for the SIP Performabce, they rule!

Talking to some one at mersea rally with T5 and sip pipe said he did not like the pipe ok in 1st 2nd 3rd 65 mph 4th gear revs die then scooter struggles to go any faster he wish he had kept his simonini or got a pm pipe ps what are the pm pipes like on kitted T5 Thanks Gary

I have a 210 with the SIP Pipe and did experience problems with not pulling in 4th. I had a play with the jets and increased the pilot jet by a few sizes. This seemed to make it pull a lot better in top than before.