Taff, PM, performance, scorpion, RZ

Well after lots of questions to lots of people I still can’t get an answer to the question:

Which exhaust should I get for a p200 with Malossi 210, std carb (jetted), race crank - for decent acceleration and quite fast?

Everyone has a different opinion, and as they all seem quite similar, I had decided on a SIP performance - at least I could have a wide tyre kit and decent ground clearance.

So I just started to order one - when I saw a new entry - a Jim Lomas RZ 2000 (left hand and new to SIP).

How does this compare? It seems to be a very different shape.

Does anyone at SIP have anymore info - wide tyres, performance, clearance etc…

I need to buy an exhaust this week so any help/comments appreciated!


no matter what you buy someone will always tell you the one they have is better but its all to do with setup .personally i had a px200 with malossi 210/ported casings/race crank/138 main jet and a sip pipe and the old girl went like a rocket.when the power band kicked in at 6000 rpm the front wheel came up in 1st 2nd and 3rd but need a hp4 flywheel to get it to do it in 4th.this is my personal recommendation as ive tried it but no doubt someone else will say a scorpion or whatever is better.its a case of pay yer money and take a chance!!!

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984