T5 with P2 4th gear

If anyone has been following my recent posts you will know that i have a T5 with a 172 kit , cosa clutch , and a simonini .
The simonini has solved nearly all of my problems in as much as it makes the scoot pull like a train upto 70 mph but thats it .
It revs all the way in 4th but struggles to get past 70,
i thought that having the cosa clutch it should do more than that.
My question is - does anyone have the same set up but with a p2 4th gear , if so does it pull alright top end and does it give you much more top speed - please help ???[:@] [:@] [:@] [:@]

When I had a simonini on my P2 it had a steady range of power all through the rev range without much of a powerband to speak of. The Sip pipe on the other hand turned my P2 into a missile.

Hey Didge

I have a P2 4th for sale for £10 if you want to experiment. Its off a 99 PX200 so should fit in you box.

I think if you put in the P2 4th you will be back in the same situation again in that it wont pull 4th well. You will also have that large 3rd to 4th gap that is found on a standard P2. Whats the revs at 70 in 4th? and what will it rev to in 3rd?

Hi i had the same set up as you with 122 main jet ok up to 70mph that was it no more speed fitted scorpion will now hit 75mph pulls ok in each gear no problem into the wind and up hill 125 main jet runs ok[:dance3:] [:dance1:]

cosa clutch+p2 4th= overgear.stick to t5 4th,thats why they fit them in p2’s to make the f*ers pull.p2 gearing is high.take it down a touch back to t5.failing that ditch the cosa clutch,i have yet to find anyone using it that has satisfactory gearing for any engine,lets face it cosas were st

Thanks for your reply - It seems to rev out all the way in all gears but wont go above 70 , Its jetted to 122 which i presume is ok .

Cheers gaz , anyone else ?

Cheers for the offer , im sort of coming to the conclusion that its the simonini thats the problem , as ive said before it pulls like hell through all gears , but it would seem ive traded top end for bottom end by changing my mikeck for the simonini.
I think i’ll have to save for a scorpion / sip pipe although you hear horror storys of these aswell.
One last thought is that would it make much difference if the timing was slightly out ?
The T5 engine has a timing lug that is hard to get wrong but if it is not bang on could it be enough to not get the full rev range ?
Same old story - cant rest until its right .