T5 with cosa clutch

Hi i have a t5 with malossi kit standard carb 125 main jet and scorpion pipe and cosa clutch will not pull into wind or up hill would it be worth going back to the standard clutch thanks. Gary[:drink:]

… forgot,

if your economy allows get a renforced clutch basket…



T5 likes to rev high
the exhaust you have it is better at high rpm too
so if gearing is long you won’t be able to reach that high rpm where your engine pulls better. But this I am sure you know. It is just for talking.
I would go back to standard.



as SIP or Taffspeed say, you can upgear using Cosa clutch 21teeth. (it exists also Cosa 23 teeth but you can use it only if you change the input shaft, „christmas three“ of P200, and then you can have 23/65 or 21/65 if you keep 21teeth clutch)

To get to a result you don’t have only one way, for this reason sometimes it seams you have contradictory opinions.

If you want to go faster either your engine has shorter gear and is capable of reving high or is capable of more torque and less high rpm and needs higher gear ratio.

T5 engine is an engine, and the Malossi kit too, that needs to rev high so it needs to get to that target rpm to develop the full power. If it doesn’t get to that target it will go slower.
The gearing art is like all engine tuning an art of compromise.

The exhaust play in this case a major role too.
If you would have a PM exhaust your engine will pull out more power at lower rpm then your Scorpion and you could stay with your Cosa clutch 21teeth. But sCORPION needs to get higher so gear ratio needs to be lower. (I would prefer for all round an engine that doesn’t need to get high rpm)

So what SIP and Taffspeed says it is right, you can upgear, what thay can’t say is if it is a good idea with your engine set up.
There are other parameter that has to be taken in consideration…


Thanks for your reply. Why do sip and tafspeed say use the cosa clutch as a up gear kit i have had a look on some old post on this site and some people have had this problem will the standard clucth be able to handle the higher revs from the kit or do i need to change the plates and springs Thanks Gary