t5 tuning

Alrite lads

i got me a standard t5, its fast but my mates gettin a 210 4 his 200 n i wanta b able 2keep up!! is dat possible? i dont seem to be hearing about any great speeds coming out of the 172s. nebody got sum insite into the performance?

i plan 2get the mal 172, sip pipe, n maybe a reed block wit a28 r 30carb. what sort of speeds ya wreckin id b pullin out? O n are reedblocks a good idea?

i kinda wan it to stay reliable if dats possible coz i know theyre tempermental bikes.

im gettin 70mph out of it now if i hide behind d legsheilds.

thanx [:roll:]

Get a 21tooth Cosa clutch to upgear a bit also, because this will improve top speed without affecting reliability.
Remember if you go for a reedvalve, it’s a bugger to get the carburation spot on.