T5 tuning results!

hi just wanted to let you know how my t5 now performs after fitting 172 kit and pm pipe.
engine has been stripped and seals replaced im now running a 125 jet with a b3 atomiser timing at 14-15
initial runs with 21 gear in were not good no pull in fourth when i did manage to get into power band the needle went way off clock, so i put the 20 tooth back in now ive got pull all the way through the rev range in every gear and between 70 and 80 top speed.
its not bad but at acost of over £500 if i new then what i know now iwould proberably stuck with the152 kit and simonini as theres not a huge diference,
i know your going to say the more you do to the engine the more performance your going to get but how much more can you get without sacrificing low end power or top speed with out spending a fortune???


without sacrificing low end power or top speed and having the same C.C. ? If you find out you will become rich !

It is a balancing act. And you have to know the way you like your engine to be.
It is useless to see dyno grafic that have 2-3more hp if this hp are where you don’t like. It is a question of feeling.
For street use I don’t like an engine that is flat at low, low mid, and then fly, I prefer more torque.
For racing or other of course the goal is not to let the engine rev low, you have to go fast, so has to rev high, and then it is good to have another power curve.

The „perfect“ engine you can get only when you know what is perfect for you and how you like it, and to discover it unfortunately there is not another way then experience, and experience means spending money.

A very good carb as Keihin or Mikuni will give you more low without sacrificing high rpm.
Keihin 28 or Mikuni 27.
But as usual it is still more money and it is not a massive difference.
Then of course you can work the barrel to have more low but of course you will loose high…