T5 trouble`s

Hello, is there anybody out there who can help me i currently own a `98 T5 Classic and im having trouble ,ive recently changed my piston rings ran them in for 500 or so miles and i cant get it to go over 60 mph ,it was doing 70 mph before any ideas ? Im desperate for info[?[] [?[] [?[]

May be your carbuertor is dirty.
Appears any anormal noise when ridding your bike?? or any anormal vibration??


hello when running in piston rings and only piston rings all you need is one full tank of petrol thats what dealers have told me and it has worked for me, your exhaust may also be coked up you can unblock this by using caustic soda, just block up tail piece and fill and leave over night hope this is of any help
cheers danger

The exhaust pipe i am using is a brand new Leo vinci, cheers for your reply Danger

dirty jets, to much oil, wrong jetting, wrong ignition timing…

[:lickout:] thank you Danger,vespapocalipse&mwerner for taking the time to help me out ,i have a new pipe and a new carb (standard 24mm delorto) ill try the timing to see if it helps ill let you know the results thanx