t5 timing

I have a t5 with malossi standard carb and scorpion pipe i have set the timing at 16 degrees the timing marks do not line up is this normal the one on the stator is towards the front of scooter is this normal have checked it with strobe do i need to change it to 14 kit instructions say 14 to 16 thanks Gary


I am not really sure I understood your problem.
As far as concern timing it is possible to find differences between static allignement and dynamic with strobo.
Sometimes you set the rotor at for example 18 and when you check with strobo in the fan cowl is 21!

First of all I always trust the strobo dynamic setting, and expecially the engine response feeling when you drive to find the correct timing according to the exhaust used. It means I can change it up to 5 - 6 times and sometimes more, 1 step degree untill I get what I want or according to customer need.

And in 20 years I have never had an engine damnaged for wrong timing ! Maybe just luck. Who knows.


i use b9 plug .what i ment to say is when i found tdc then worked out 16 degrees and strobed it the mark on the cowl was spot on as well i have set it at 14 degrees[:drink:]

should have said when i set timing with strobe had engine running at 2000 rpm is this right found tdc then worked out 14 and 16 degrees when i checked it the mark on the fly wheel cowl was right any way so i can go by this

i would knock it back a degree or 2 as 16 is the STANDARD t5 setting. as curaer states the strobe is true and more accurite than the mark to mark setting on the caseings.use a colder plug also.