T5 steering column in px

Hi there can mark oneT5 steering column and handle bars be fitted into a PX frame Thankyou Gary[:dance1:] [:drink:]

Hi thanks for reply i already have a mark one t5 and was thinking about getting a px frame and haveing it resprayed would like to keep cost down by useing my T5 parts a i like the Mark one front and the px rear so i can fit a cosa seat then[:drink:] [:shock1:]

fit the forks and head set with no hassle but use the right tools for tightening them up .the only problem with t5 forks is people who bodge them

you’d be better getting an LML T5 shape headset as it fits straight on PX forks, then you don’t get the loose headset problems that plague T5’s.

ok thanks for reply

yeh gaz no probs,straight swap,but be warned,be in for a nightmare feeding everything back through bottom headset and metal trapezium.once youve done it 30 odd times youll get the knack!!! also make sure u have the loom from horn cover up to headset. a mk1 t5 has 2 plugs into speedo px has one you need one for rev counter there is a spare plug behind your horn cover for this you can get them from beedspeed or turners in merseyside(good suppliers for mk1 t5 bits) its really straight forward. any probs give uz a shout