T5 stalls

hi just got to this site tonite ,just like to say hello. i have just got a vespa T5 first scoot for 20 years not the best tims of year to ride it but i cant stay off it. [:D] got a problem with it , at high revs driving down the road it feels like its starving of fuel ive tryed all sorts of things can anyone help.thanks nosher

Could be a few things Nosh…Could be a dirty carb, blocked or dodgy fuel tap, timing could be out(try moving the stator-plate…see previous message) or it could be a blocked silencer. Pick the bones out of that one - and good luck![?[]
Rich (Torbay Riviera S.C.)

check also your gear oil. if there is petrol inside, then your oil seal clutch side is damaged and you have to change it.

rgds, alex