T5 Sip Performance vs PX 125 Sip Performance

I know someone who has a Sip Performance exhaust for a PX 125, and he now wants to fit this to his T5 - obviously it will not fit because the downpipe piece does not match the exhaust stub.

Since the exhaust is two piece - If he had the correct downpipe piece to connect to the stub - is it possible to use the PX125 exhaust?

Or are the dimensions of the T5 Sip Performance chamber different from the PX-125 Sip Performance chamber ?

Hi mate
As MTL said you buy the downpipe to fit your engine…the exhaust is the same,good luck

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I bought a T5 complete performer pipe with a px125 downpipe. I firsrt thought that i could swap the pipe from my px to my t5. But i was wrong. The dimensions of the T5 Sip Performance chamber are different from the PX-125 Sip Performance chamber, and so is the lengh of the downpipe (i’ve checked with one of my friends who has the performer for px 125). I think both pipe (T5 and Px) are designed to suit the engines.

Hope it has helped.

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Thanks for the help lads

Just trying to settle a bit of a disagreement - i have a taffspeed pipe myself, and i know all that needs to be changed is the downpipe if it’s needed on a different model, was wondering if the same applied to the SIP Pipes


I believe the only difference is the downpipe. If you buy a T5 downpipe it should fit. I think that all the SIP perfomance pipes are the same, the only difference being the downpipe. To be safe I would give SIP a call to check.

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ive got both type and the t5 will only fit the t5 and same for the px that will only go on px the engine mounts are at different angles