T5 set up

Sorry to post this as it has probably been asked numerous times before, i have just bought a t5 classic, the last one that i owned was standard with a sito plus exhaust and went  really well with a top speed of around 65 mph, but this one has been modified and is not as fast as the standard one. This is what i have bought - 1995 t5 classic. malossi 172 kit running on autolube, sip exhaust running 122 main jet and the spark plug is a ngk b7hs. Is the plug and jet correct. Any help appreciated. Cheers

Cheers, i thought the plug wasn't right when i noticed it was a short reach one as  i always used a B9ES in my previous t5, would you recommend putting a drop of oil in the petrol tank when i fill up with fuel.

122 main is ballpark correct but the plug is nowhere near right. B7HS is a mid heat range short reach plug , you need a cool to cold long reach plug like a B8ES or B9ES with a 0.5 - 0.6mm gap.

Be very careful to monitor that the autolube is working, top up the oil tank to the top and regularly check the level is going down.

To be honest , I would recommend losing the Autolube and going with 2% Premix Fully Synthetic - but if you keep the autolube adding oil to the tank will effectively weaken the mix so you'll need to keep a close check on your plug colour until you are confident its not too lean.