T5 Seal or Electrics? Advice Needed, ta!

My T5 initially had a weak spark so I replaced the coil, the spark then started cutting out at high revs but started again when throttle was closed off. Now with a brand new stator it’s revving higher but then coughs and splutters badly as if its fuel starvation.
I’ve also noticed when fitting stator that on the bottom right engine casing stud theres a drop or two of clean oil.
Without wishing to sound like a dumbo, could it be the seal has gone.

The carb is spotless, fuel pipe has been shortened, fuel tap replaced, new coil and stator.

It is tuned and was rebuilt last year and had reliably done 3000 miles before this started happening.

I’b be more than grateful for any advice, especially as the rally seasons underway…



start checking the spark plug cable is correctly fitted and the other electric cables in good condition.

Thanks for the input but yeh…

Cheers Gaz, I had a good look but the seal appears fine.

I took the ht cap off today and ran the engine by holding the ht lead next to the plug. What happens is the spark cuts out at about 2/3 revs, it just stops, at exactly the same spot each time. When I lower the revs it starts again fine.

With a new stator, coil, ht lead and cap I can’t figure out what needs to be done. Well apart from getting a brand new P2 lump!

Steve [?[]

if its a weak spark i found by narrowing the spark plug gap solves the problem ,also make sure the wires coming from the stator plate arn’t broken inside the slieve, have you a good earth and possibly it just might be dirt in your carb, check the carburator is on tightly,

sholud had said make sure that it is the seal where the oil is coming from before you replace the seal the oil could be from some where else

Cheers fellas.

Tried a different coil and stator, same problem.

The sparks now nice and strong, it just cuts out and have replaced everything including ht lead, plug, stator and coil.

Could a bad earth cause the spark to cut out?

i hate to ask but have you replaced the spark plug. t5’s are very sensitive to plug problems[?[]

… maybe you had just the bad luck that either the new coil or the stator don’t work properly. See if somebody can lend you his so you make it sure.

HT lead has been replaced and other electrics seem fine.

It’s always repeating this problem at exactly the same spot/rpm.

What would the symptoms of an engine seal problem be?

Hi i had the flywheel side oil seal go on my t5 you could see oil behind the stator plate and also on the caseing below stator .the scooter would rev up and down with out turning the throttle the scooter was running weak in the end it holed the piston i would advise you to replace the oil seal

sholud had said make sure that it is the seal where the oil is coming from before you replace the seal the oil could be from some where else