T5 rev counter problem

Hi i have a mrk 1 T5 non digital rev counter the problem is the needle some times falls right back then flickers then it will start to work ok for a while can any one tell me whare to look for the problem thanks Gary[:drink:] [:dance1:]

Nelly how can i contact you Thanks Gary

hi gaz
yep the prob is in the clock itself.
contact me at [email protected] it further

Hi nell can i just replace the rev conter or do i have to replace the speedo and fuel gauge as well thanks Gary[:drink:] [:dance1:]

Hi so itis the rev counter clockl where the problem lies Gary

first question first!
gaz,it is possible to salvage a working rev counter out of a knackered speedo,they are removable.held in by a couple of clips and brass nuts.trouble is the rev counters usually b*** before the speedo. rocking hoss dung as they say!the speedos are quite tricky to strip too.
i think you have either a dry joint somewhere or a bad earth.simple as that!
if both the guage and the sender are working the problem is in the middle.check the plug on the sender,sometimes they let water in and corode,causing a dry joint.
hope that helps!

yep,i know exactly wot your prob is!
you’ll prob find the rev counter will pack up completely shortly.the prob is in the electronic circuitry of the rev counter.it was a very common problem on early t5s.it is repairable on your model,because you don’t have the digital display.the prob is an underated shunt resistor,it can’t handle the power and it packs up thus sending the full power thru the rev counter showing completely wrong readings.on the digital version it burnt the display to a crisp.on yours it just overloads it.as i say it is repairable,just gotta find a good electronic engineer who knows how to test circuit boards.it also used to cook the safety diode too,which needs replacing too.bit of a specialist job.i repaired a few in the early 90’s.if you have any probs repairing it contact me.

Hey Nelboy, since you seem to be a bit of an electrical expert you may be able to give me some advice, my fuel guage keeps jumping up and down intermitently, I have had the speedo off and applied current to the guage and it seems fine, I have had the sender out of the tank and tested it and yet again it works fine. I put it all back together and the problem is back. All the wiring seems to be ok. Any ideas?