t5 problems

just fitted my new pm pipe to my t5 172 kitted 21 gear machine and its really slowed it down it wont pull 4th top speed 55 it feels like it wants to go but its been held back its flat all the way through the rev range (hope you can help curare!!)
retarded timming and still got a be3 atomiser and 130 main.
ive rang my tuner and he said pm pipes are crap should have repaired my old simmo so i need to find a new tuner!!
also piston seems to be knocking when cold as soon as it warms up its fine its only done 200 miles since fitted the 172 kit any ideas thanks very gratfull for the advice
and merry christmas to all!!![:dance1:]

hello, my 172 has a different setting, reed etc…, but I did few in the past with 24/24 didn’t have hard time.
With 24 I never used 130 main jet, most of the time 125 was good, so I would consider the range to try would be 1smaller and one bigger that 125. One of the three should be the one.

With this kind of kit is necessary to shift to 4 after really getting high rpm in 3rd. So you have to reach that high rpm. If the carb setting it is not right you won’t reach the target rpm - power.

You said you are using 130 and lean. I will check if there is an air leak somewhere.
Are you using the strobo for timing?
There is any time setting where it doesn’t pink? If there is it is which one? And how your engine behaves at a this time setting?

…if in troubble you can call me at +41 (0)78 740 12 09


dont use the pm pipe. they’re shite. me and 2 mates had 172 kitted t5s all the same spec except for 1 who had a pm pipe instead of the taffy pipes that the other 2 of us used. it wasnt a patch on the taffy pipes.[:D]


please remind me your set up. Carb, plug, timing…



I think it took me too long to get to the phone since I had a call I missed I think it must have been you then… if you need try again and let it ring longer next time.

yes, as I said before I think, as PM says too, you must have an air leak… no power, running lean with bigger jet then usual… in this condition no way you will be able to get your scooter running well.
Of course if you can afford it is better you to take it to PM so they can check everything out, head, ignition etc…

I got some nice result with this set up too, somewhere around 17hp, but it has to rev high.

…just be patient, sometimes this sort of problem happen just take time to solve, and in the meantime you get some experience!
I hope it is not the last scooter you will tune!

timing now at 14 130 main and a b9 plug checked plug and its running lean and it is 24/24
and the knocking was doing it with simo on yu can here it in the cylinder
wondering wether to try removing air filter go back to the b4 atomiser (origonal) and see how that goes did you have much trouble setting yours up with the pm?

hi ive been to the shop today not very successful tho
strobed timing it was at 13 i rang pm they said move it to between 14 and 15 done!
road tested it and it ran a little better but still mid to top no power in any gear . tried various jets and not much diferent as i said the shop thinks pms are crap and they don’t now how to set them up, thanks for phone number i will give you a ring later tonight if thats ok

…and yes for be4 atomizer.[H]

tried ringing curare but no answer is that the code for switzerland

tried be3 no better be4 ran better without airfilter and a 132 tried 128 but it ran worse i think im going to have to take it to pm they say they can get really good performance out of this set up about 17.5 bhp pulling all the way through the rev range its just havng to pay another 150 squid out to get it set up right.
now ive paid out 300 for pipe (chrome) ive got to get it sorted.
pm said it must have air leak but could it be how the head has been milled out?
theres no pinking at all it revs out in 3 gears but no power

… start jetting it down to 125, W3CC or equivalent, ignition 14.
If you are using a 24/24 130 main is way too big in my personal experience with this set up.

…piston knocking at cold… more probable I think it is the noise of the PM exhaust. It is a little rattly like a can since made of thin metal and when cold is more rigid and more rattly…

…and PM pipes are good.

let me know.