t5 problem

hi yet more problems
since playing around with jets to set up my malossi with pm pipe another problem has arose when i pull the throttle back the engine tries to die its like im flooding the engine ive checked jets they are clean and ive put the jet in which i know works ok if i pull the choke out abit i can get it to rev past this then it absolutley flies,
ive checked the float and that seams ok the only thing i thought it could be was i filled up with fuel and i didn’t mix the oil enough and that had blocked the carb, also checked plug thats fine
hope you can shed some light on this
also checked gearbox oil and fuel has got mixed in with it is this normal or has one of the seals gone[:’(] [:’(]

make sure you use the original piaggio part- the brown steel seal as the rubber coated ones have a habit of coming out, meaning another engine strip. the clutch side seal is about £12 but it’s worth it[:D]


it is almost a complete engine strip. You need to open one case, the flywheel side. Then you have to take the clutch out, push the cranckshaft, and replace the seal with an original one.
Yes, a corrupted seal can give you an air leak, most drammatic with reed, but you can get some oil engine inside the cylinder. When you get more oil in the mix, the mixture get leaner, yes leaner, (the term reacher and leaner refer to the ammount og gasoline and not the concetration of oil. So, since the ammount of gasoline with more oil in the concentration is less, you need to use a bigger main jet… so at the end you are compensating a problem and the answer of your last question is: yes with a corrupted oil seal you can get an air leak and carburation problem.
The worst the condition of the seal the more problematic will be.

when putting the oil seal in .you’ll see a spring on one side ,place this against the crank, if you haven,t already you may as well replace the crank bearings if you,ve got high milage on the engine , as the kit will be harder on them

no this is not normal if the gear oil smells of petrol your clutch side oil seal will need replaceing

i guess thats a complete engine strip to replace that??would the oil seal be giving me an air leak and causing the problem with carb???