T5 Polini Timing

Hi there,

Anyone know what the timing should be set at for the Polini 152cc kit?



Thanks guys. I did a bit of searching on the internet & as you guys said it seems 16 degrees is fine. Thanks again.


Guess it depends what your set up is. I’ve been running a Polini 152 at factory settings with a modified head and a decent pipe and flowed crank and so far done 2500 miles no probs and I do scream the tits off it…

I’d leave a T5 at factory settings unless you get silly with the tuning.For a non reeded motor I wouldn’t touch the timing.

Hi again,

I now have a 152cc T5!! Seems to be ok but I’ll take my time running it in. Have a 120 jet in there & have adjusted the carb to two turns instead of the normal 1.5. Next I’m going put a malossi on my other t5. Noticed that my Malossi kit comes with a head gasket. If I have a reprofilied head, do I need to use it?