T5 polini problem

help needed,have fitted polini 152 to a T5 with simonini pipe, and 118 main jet,problem is ,killing spark plugs,haye used 4 in about six weeks,any ideas please,doing about 150 miles weekly.

check timing try higher grade plug hope this helps


I am of the same advice of Stubbsy.
Just repaired a Thyphoon with same problem and was the coil.


if it is the coil you will prob find that the plug doesnt „go“ when you are on the road, if you no what i mean. bet ya you go to work no problem, come out at the end of the day, and it wont start? it started on me at iom 2 or 3 years ago, drove onto boat no problem, got to iom,bugger wouldnt start, last off the boat and pushing for that matter! changed plug, bang off we go. comeing home that sun, drove to check in for the boat, no problem, came out to board boat, yet again no go but only this time pushing on!!! (i kid you not) across the irish sea to belfast, (pushing off AGAIN) change plug bang off we go! this went on for weeks before i used a bit of the old common to find out what was blowing the plug. may not be the answer for your problem but once anyone starts to have probs with plugs dying thats what i suggest. let me no if you get it sorted[:O]

also should add this is a T5 millenium that has been a bag of shite from start … heat siezed twice with standard set up ,hence polini kit.

cheers,thanks for reply,ill check out both your answers.

thanks stubbsy,actually not quite same symptoms,mine did cut out on road,1st time on iow ,on way from ryde to kite hill camp ,just cut out ,gave it kick ,started ,100yds stopped again,started and so on all way to camp site ,untill it finally gave up ,each time has been similar will start ,tick over ,pull away then die.also do you think 118 is big enough jet . classic case 50 in 3rd into 4th and no thanks but dont want to give much more… 60 tops.cheers.

happened to me a few years ago on a mk1 t5, usually a sign that your coil is on its way out [[:O]]