T5 polini 152 malossi manifold del'orto phbh 28 cut crank sip pipe(modified)

any body know what carb settings i need for this setup??needle,jets etc
do i need my head reprofiled??
the cylinder is bolted straight on and timing is standard
any help would be greatly appreciated!!

many thanks the kit didn’t come with the head so i guess that’ll need machining
also the timing is to be standard as far as i’m aware but i’ll check it out!!

Hi, do plug readings on your bike to know its condition, lean or rich. From there, you can tell what your motor needs in terms of tuning your carb. I assume the cylinder head comes with the kit, if its the case, no more work needed. Adjust ignition timing as what the cylindr kit advises. Remember, adjust the ignition timing first before tuning your carb. Hope this helps. Happy riding.

Hi, you might want to consider purchasing a MMW Cylinderhead for your kit. Check this out from the web shop, Art. No# 17010200. By this, you can be sure that you get the proper head to piston clearance and Compression Ratio for your engine.