T5 Pipe ??

Hi all my first post here so hi all !!! I have a couple of T5 classics so with one i have decided to put on a Malossi 172 kit and i want to put on a different exhaust not really knowing alot about theses things i thought i would ask you all which in your opinion is the best pipe to match up with the Malossi kit ??? Also i was wondering if it was worth my while upgrading the clutch or shall i leave as standard ??? I have sort some advice of some well known shops in England and they mostly all say not to bother so again opinions please, finally shall i keep the carb standard ??? Lots of questions i know but as i said im new to all this lark !!!

Thanks in advance for any answers


Ps Anything else on what i can do ie different parts ect will be of a great help.

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i found the sip performance pipe to work well giving loads of torque and good to end, had mine now for 5 years and still going strong. as for the clutch 21 tooth cosa is the best bet

mallossi t5=pm tuning every time,my first one was just this and sat 80 all day long(well on the vespa speedo anyway) unless you are just goin to bolt on and no other mods ie caseings,crank,etc etc dont worry about the clutch as the cosa is more than ample ,as for carb, the rejeted 24 will do but getting more and more good reports about the 26millers that are on the market . at the end of the day its down to your own preference and budget.